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Kokoto price in Kenya

If you have any building project big or small, you will definitely need ballast, locally referred to as kokoto. Just like with any other building material, you need to acquire high quality kokoto to maintain the integrity of your building. The kokoto price in Kenya is an important consideration to have in mind because it will ultimately affect your project's budget.

Most people end up paying a higher kokoto price in Kenya because they do not get one reliable supplier to work with. If you are buying all the kokoto for your project from one supplier, you can easily negotiate for a good price and delivery services.

We are the leading supplier of kokoto in the country that you can depend on to supply your project from start to finish without fail. We supply kokoto from the leading manufacturers and therefore we can guarantee you to always have the stock you need when you need it. No questions asked. As such, we will never compromise the timeline of your project.

Our kokoto is machine produced using state of the art equipment that ensures consistency. As such, you will be able to get the right mix for concrete for the best results. Also, when the kokoto is the right size, you will never have to use more sand or cement this saving more unlike people who rely on hand made kokoto.

We are the supplier of choice for many local tradesmen, contractors and individual customers in the country. Through our lasting professional relationships with our suppliers, we are able to deliver quality kokoto for your project at the best kokoto price in Kenya. No questions asked. Plus, we always deliver on time and our stock is always guaranteed. Just call anytime you need kokoto and we will be there. Place your order today.