Rock Sand Suppliers in Nairobi

Rock sand is the new alternative to use of river sand in construction. The product has been investigated and seen to be a great alternative to use of river sand. The concrete acquired using rock sand is as good as the one acquired using river sand without causing detriment to the environment. We are leading rock sand suppliers in Nairobi able to deliver all the tonnage you need for your project when you need it.

The best thing with rock sand is that it is very readily available. Unlike river sand that is difficult to mine and takes time to get, rock sand is produced by crushing stone using a machine. Stones are readily available at the quarries therefore rock sand is also always available.

Using rock sand in your project doesn't affect the integrity of the structure. That is not all, use or rock sand doesn't also require you to use more cement or ballast to acquire the tensile strength of concrete as when using river sand. For these reasons, many people who want to speed up their projects and at the same time save the environment are resulting to the use of rock sand.

We are experienced rock sand suppliers in Nairobi and its environs. We have successfully fulfilled many projects both big and small. We deliver high-quality rock sand that is just the perfect size for use as sand. Plus, our rock sand Is delivered to you right from the manufacturer ensuring quick delivery and at the best prices possible.

The process is simple. Just contact us today either by calling the numbers displayed on the website or using the contact us form. We will then make all plans to come where you are so we can know where the site is and then give you a quote for the rock sand you need. Our prices are very affordable. Contact us now.