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Machine Cut Stones

Machine cut stones are building stones mined using stone cutting machines and cut into different sizes. Usually, they are available in 4, 6 and 9 inch building stones for different applications. The machine cut stones prices in Kenya vary between the different sizes with the 9 inch stones costing more since they are bigger and heavier to ferry to the site.

However, besides the different stones prices, the best savings when you are buying machine cut stones for your project come from choosing the right supplier. That is exactly where our company comes in. We are renowned suppliers of machine cut stones from Ndarugo area along Thika superhighway. What's more, since we work with trusted and renowned miners, we are able to deliver the stones for any size of project and at the best machine cut stones prices in Kenya.

Machine cut stones are highly preferred for construction because they come with many benefits as compared to manually cut stones. First of all, there are savings in labor costs. You do not need labor to cut the stones to make them regular. That is not all, the mason can build more levels in a day and you do not need many masons for a project when working with machine cut stones.

Besides saving on labor, you also save on mortar costs. Since they are regular, very little mortar is needed when laying and joining the stones. Major savings are also seen when plastering the walls. Since the stones are regular very little cement is needed during plastering. At the end of the project, you enjoy an aesthetically appealing building.

Want to enjoy these benefits of building with machine cut stones? Make us your supplier and enjoy quick delivery, guaranteed stock and the best machine cut stones prices in Kenya. Contact us now.