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Cabros Prices in Kenya

Prefabricated concrete paving blocks, also referred to as "Cabro" in the local Kenyan market, have gained a lot of credence in the recent past. Cabro is used in canvas shelters, parking facilities, landscaped courtyards, and on the pavements of roadways.

The quality of the streets, pathways, and bays while laying up Cabros depends on how the land is set up before the Cabros are laid. The bottom must be compressed for Cabro pavement to be fixed to a stable base.

The depth of the block affects its endurance. It is allowable to use 5cm thick roadways for light load applications such as driveways to residential homes, tented shelters, and parking lots.

It is necessary to dig up the soil beneath until sturdy ground is attained, notably when it is black loam. After that, the murram is repopulated, and the earth is compacted.

Hardcore is manually packed and compressed to fill the final 30centimeters of depth. After placing the aggregate on top, the paving stones are aligned and secured to one another along the margins by the concrete bollards.

Important Tips to Consider While Buying Concrete Paving Blocks

Paving block selection factors can enhance your home's attractiveness and aesthetic value. It will make your driveway more gorgeous and raise the worth of your home. To achieve the finest results, you must make the best decision.

There are numerous different dimensions and designs of flooring blocks. This article's goal is to assist you in making the best decision for your specific needs.

Texture and durability

When choosing flooring blocks, it is vital to always search for first-class designs. Moreover, when choosing first-class paving bricks, selectingthe texture must always come first, and the patterning should be resilientand durable. Keep away from paving stones with uneven or rough surfaces.


Concrete flooring blocks are a fantastic option if you do not want to spend a lot of time or determination coming up with an original design. Find out whether family members or friends have ever used flooring blocks by asking around. Given that concrete last a rather long period and doesn't disintegrate like stones, concrete flooring blocks have become somewhat popular.

Another fashionable pavement material is marble. It takes little work to get a stunning result. Moreover, your patio can have a beautiful entry from a straightforward paving tile design. If you reside in a location with significant traffic, this tile could not be the greatest option because it is not weatherproof.

Space Available To Be Paved

It would be best to consider how much supply you'll need. If your space is limited, you could wish to utilize thinner paving stones to make them take up less room. Furthermore, if your space is larger, you might wish to buy larger tiles. There will be ample room for them to stretch out.


You should consider the budget for the pavement tiles you intend to employ. Finding out how much installation would cost is a smart idea before buying pavement tiles.

We have a variety of paving blocks designed for your unique needs. We provide you with the most elegant and long-lasting designs to facilitate the aesthetic value of your home.

Our Cabros prices in Kenya are unbeatable in the market. Reach out to us through our hotlines for all your unique needs. We are glad to offer you sustainable solutions.